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Rustic Trestle Table Hire

Introduced in 2020 & 2021 - our rustic range of tables, chairs, stools and party equipment.

First up are our 6ft rustic trestle tables.  We bought them completely untreated with no markings but we've applied a "Shou Sugi Ban" effect to the tables.  This is an 18th Century Japanese method of preserving wood by charring it with fire.  We then stained the tables to create a totally unique rustic look - the fire application has highlighted the natural grain and knots in the wood.  Each rustic table has its own markings and burns which Simon created in the winter months of early 2020.


We have two sizes available for you.  Both are 6ft long but we have a 2.5ft and 3ft wide table for you.  The 3ft wide version is perfect for weddings where you want decoration running down the middle as it allows that extra bit of space.

Exact measurements in Metric:-

"6ft x 2.5ft wide Trestle" - 183cm (long), 76cm (wide), 76cm (high)


"6ft x 3ft wide Trestle" - 183cm (long), 91cm (wide), 76cm (high)


6ft Rustic Trestle Table (seats 6 comfortably)


£10.00 each to hire - for the 6ft x 2.5ft

£15.00 each to hire - for the 6ft x 3ft

Rowton Hall Hotel & Spa Photoshoot0004.jpg
Yew Tree Farm46.jpeg
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Delamere Manor Photoshoot2.jpeg
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West Tower Photoshoot35.jpeg

Rustic Round Table Hire

New for 2024!  


We are thrilled to introduce our brand new 6ft rustic round tables to our range.


The rustic round table can seat 10 people comfortably and are burnt and stained in the same colours as our rustic trestle tables.  A match made in heaven so you've got the choice of rounds and/or trestles to cater for all types of weddings and events.  No need to pay extra for table linen as our rustic range of rounds and trestles are designed to show off their rustic charm! 

Our rustic round tables are incredibly well made and HEAVY at 55kgs each so we're unfortunately unable to carry them up flights of stairs or transport them in lifts (unless there are large enough service lifts available).

Exact measurements in Metric:-

"6ft Round" - 183cm (long), 183cm (wide), 76cm (high)


6ft Rustic Round Table (seats 10 comfortably)

£25.00 each to hire

Rustic Round Table 10.heic

Rustic Cross Back Chair Hire

As seen on our chair page, brand new for 2020 are the fabulous rustic Cross Back chairs.  They are simply stunning and appeal to the more rustic wedding and events.  We always strive to add value and therefore offer more than just a normal cross back chair with an integral rattan weave seat pad.  We've designed our cross back chairs with a removable seat pad so if you want more comfort than the traditional rattan pad, or the option to colour match your theme, we offer you the choice of our black, blue, burgundy or ivory seat pads taken from our Chiavari chairs.  A simple solution that allows customisation of the cross back chair to fit your requirements.


£4.00 each to hire


Rustic Wine Barrel Hire

Similar to our authentic whiskey barrels that make our rustic bar (see below), we've introduced our rustic wine barrels to our 2024 line up. The wine barrels are fully sealed and always stored inside our storage unit when not on hire so can be used for indoor use if need be.  We've sanded, burnt and stained the wine barrels so they match our rustic round and trestle tables above.  Perfect for use as a tall poseur table effect for your standing & mingling guests.

£30.00 each to hire

Exact measurements in Metric:-

rustic wine barrel : 68cm (diameter) & 95cm (high)

Rustic Wine Barrel 1.jpeg

Rustic Light up Lettter Hire

For a more traditional themed wedding or event, the rustic 5ft high LOVE letters fit the bill perfectly!  See more information on our Lighting Page

£150.00 to hire

5ft Rustic LOVE letters

Rustic Bar or Grazing Table Hire

Be the "host with the most"with our rustic bar.  We use authentic Jim Beam / Jack Daniels full whiskey barrels from good ole' Tennessee, USA to make a great bespoke bar.  We've just finished them in August 2020 ready for your staycation summer garden party, wedding reception or BBQ. Each bar measures 240cm long by 69cm wide. Need a bigger bar - order another one or two!

For outdoor use only as these whiskey barrels are stored outside when not on hire.  If you need something for indoor use, choose our rustic wine barrels above.

£80.00 to hire (comprises of two whiskey barrels & bar top)

If you need to add seating for 5 / 6 people, choose our rustic cable reel stools which comes with a strong & sturdy board simply placed across them for an additional £25.00, or how about our black & chrome "Zenith" bar stools which can be found on our chair page here.

Contact us if you just fancy the whiskey oak barrels on their own to use as a poseur table (or go for our Rustic Wine Barrel as above).

Exact measurements of the rustic bar in Metric:-

240cm (long), 69cm (wide), 100cm (high)


The supplementary benches are:-

 240cm (long), 63cm (wide), 54cm (high)

Rustic Bar 4.jpeg
Rustic bar and bench & stools.jpeg
Rustic Oak Barrel 2.jpeg
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