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A quick note on GDPR.  For us, we like to keep things simple.  You’ll of course appreciate that we need to keep some information about you.  If we didn’t, you’ll not see us turn up for your event which clearly defeats why you approached us in the first place!  We have a rather cool Excel sheet that keeps track of our stock levels on any given day and within that sheet we store a tiny bit of information about you to minimise our administrative workload in raising our paperwork for you.  We’re big fans of Apple products so we keep the Excel sheet and our diary of events in the ‘iCloud” so Simon & Sharron can check stock availability whilst we’re on the road and we take a phone call from a new customer.  The information we retain is your name, address, telephone number, email address, what products you’ve ordered from us and the applicable dates.  Nothing too scary is it?  This information will remain on the sheet indefinitely.  We will NEVER share your data with anyone externally but if you would like us to remove your details from our sheet once we’ve impressed you with our 5* service, we will of course gladly oblige and confirm its deletion on email by return.  We take your privacy seriously.

Simon & Sharron McHattie

Wirral Table and Chair Hire Limited

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