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Igloo Cool Box

Our new Igloo Cool Box is available to hire for 2023.  They measure a volume of 156 litres so store a huge number of bottles, cans, food & fruit etc.

The Igloo MaxCold cool box is the perfect companion for either a day at the beach or on the sideline at a picnic or garden party, weddings etc. This innovative coolbox boasts ice retention for up to 6 days (we've tested it ourselves and can wholeheartedly vouch that the manufacturer's claims are right!) with high performance insulation throughout the body and lid of this cooler. The engineer-grade hinges are designed with a "stay-open" detent to help keep the lid from accidently closing while reaching into the cooler. The quick access hatch makes this cool box extremely accessible and makes it easy to grab a cold one or access your favourite snack quickly.  They come with 2 dividers to keep food & drink separate.

Rest assured, you'll be the number 1 premier host for your guests. There's simply no need to head inside to the fridge - this brings it to exactly where you need it to carry on the festivities!  We supply the Igloo cool box - you're in charge of the ice!  And because the cool box is insulated, you can fill it the day or two before your party safe in the knowledge that the drinks will be super ice cold ready for when the crowds gather!

£30.00 each to hire (From December 2019, our prices are now subject to VAT)


Exact measurements:-

Weight : 10.63 kgs

Dimensions : 104.7cm long x 43.6cm wide x 57.4cm high 


Since 2017 we've been offering tablecloths and napkins "for hire".  As a small business, all of the washing, drying and ironing was outsourced to a local Wirral Company as we were never experts in this field and a domestic washing machine & ironing board at home was never going to work.  As our small business expands, we find that we are no longer able to dedicate enough time to check that every tablecloth or napkin is up to our high standards before we deliver them to our customers before each hire period.  You can well imagine the condition that they can come back to us after an event - red wine, curry & chocolate stains are very much the norm!    

We have therefore decided to stop hiring the tablecloths and napkins with immediate effect, however not all is lost. Because we’ve purchased so much linen over the past years, we have obtained trade prices from our manufacturer and happy to pass those onto you if you hire tables and chairs from us as part of your requirements.


We are therefore able to purchase brand new "out of the box" tablecloths and napkins and offer those to you whereby you can buy rather than hire them.  For only a very small increase over our original hire price, you get to keep them for another day!  For those customers that prefer to "hire" and not "buy", please speak to us and we will gladly put you in touch with our local Wirral contacts directly.  If you still want us to supply the linen to save time, money  and effort sourcing your own but you simply do not want to keep the linen, we work closely with local Wirral charities and are very happy to take the linen away with us with we collect our items from you and we will pass them onto the charity on your behalf.

The linen is high quality in plain white and we have the opportunity in sourcing different colours at a small premium. 

Our prices "to buy and keep" the tablecloths & napkins (in plain white) are:-

  • 88 inch "round" tablecloth (fits our 5ft round table with a half drop to the floor) = £13.00 each

  • 108 inch "round" tablecloth (fits our 6ft round table with a half drop to the floor) = £16.00 each

  • 70 x 108 inch"rectangular" tablecloth (fits our 6ft trestle table with a 3/4 drop to the floor) = £13.00 each

  • 70 x 144 inch"rectangular" tablecloth (fits our 8ft trestle table with a 3/4 drop to the floor) = £16.00 each

  • 20 x 20 inch napkin = £1.50 each.

Please contact us for prices on other colours.

(From December 2019, our prices are now subject to VAT)


Coat Rail

When your guests arrive for your event, you'll need somewhere to hang their coats or other items.  Our 6ft long heavy duty coat rail on castors avoids you throwing everything into a spare room or an already overcrowded cupboard.  We supply the coat rail with 30 wooden hangers for you.

6ft coat rail and 30 wooden hangers - £15.00 each to hire (From December 2019, our prices are now subject to VAT)

Coat rail 2.jpeg
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