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Venue Dressing

After we have helped you with our various tables and chairs the next task is to "dress" your venue and make that all important statement.  You want to add the WOW factor for your family, friends and guests.  We will help you get there.

You've probably already got a good idea on what you want to achieve.  We work with some of the best venue dressers across Wirral, Cheshire, Merseyside and Manchester whereby their vision, creativity and experience will provide the perfect setting that you have in mind.

Whatever the reason for your celebration there is likely to always be a budget ranging from a low key, cost effective and simple affair to a once in a lifetime occasion with an almost unlimited budget.


Over the years we have had the privilege to closely liaise with the most celebrated, talented and award winning venue dressers.  We work alongside like-minded professionals with exceptional attention to detail that match our values and vision to make your event stand out.  We will introduce you to our partners where together you can discuss your initial thoughts and turn them into reality, creating the perfect theme and style tailored to your specific budget.  Our trusted partners are carefully selected and we work with them hand in hand throughout the year.

We believe in continuously adding value to you.  Working with Wirral Table and Chair Hire ensures that every requirement and detail is met.  Contact us for an introduction to our partners whom we are also very proud to call our friends.

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